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DOLMEN - BY MASSIVE WORK STUDIO (COMING TO PS4, XBOX and PC on Q2 2020)Take the very last chance to preview this horror sci-fi action RPG before its launch. TRIAL OF TITANS - BY OKTAGON GAMES (COMING to i OS and Android on Q2 2020)Embark on this jam-packed 2D adventure for mobile platforms and awake the Titan.

Click here for the latest trailer and assets DOLMEN is a new sci-fi ‘Souls Borne’ action RPG inspired by the famous works of H. Click here for the latest trailer and assets Trial of Titans is a Free-to-Play turn-based strategy mobile game that put players in control of mighty Titans and their battalions.

Click here for the latest trailer and assets IIN is a mysterious yet calming experience that soothes your soul and challenges your mind in a minimalist physics-driven puzzle world.

Brazil Games is the export program created by the Brazilian Independent Game Companies Association, ABRAGAMES, in partnership with Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad, and to attract foreign investment to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy.

Gather resources, build tools, learn to survive and interact with other characters.

The company developed the “P³ – Plug & Play POP” product line.

The Plug & Play POPs are low cost, energy efficient, connectivity oriented Micro Data Centers installed in a 20, 10 & 8 foot steel containers.

It is very gratifying see today, that young curious doctor, that, with a small seed, managed to make flourish a leafy tree, that today celebrates its 40 years.

Dan Waitzberg To me, it was very important to participate of Ganepao 2018 Opening Ceremony.

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