2 year anniversary gifts for him dating

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2 year anniversary gifts for him dating

I don’t really know how to react to this, and to being accused of not liking him. TL; DR: my boyfriend got us a fancy gift for our two year anniversary, I got a cute inside joke-y mug for him.

He feels unappreciated even though we’ve spent a lot of quality time on vacation together lately and never talked about expectations for gifts. In all fairness, flights are quite expensive, esp for someone that might not have much to spend.

My long distance gf and I often consider our flights to see each other gifts (Christmas, anniversary, etc).

We’re both students and don’t have time to buy both flights AND gifts.

He says he would have preferred something I spent time on, spending time together or making a special meal together.

I’d like to point out here that I came to visit him twice over he summer while he had a job out of town for 2 months - and one of those times was less than 2 weeks after I’d had emergency surgery.

I’m not sure who is being an asshole here, me or him.

On one hand, I understand why he feels a little disappointed.

Goods made of leather or carved wood fit well into this requirement.

As time passes, a strong relationship grows, but the excitement of the beginning can get pushed to the background.

The first anniversary was easy because you spent a full year anticipating the occasion.

You can also think creatively, with fun items such as a personalized grilling apron, other cotton accessories.

The more modern gift suggestion is fine china, although most men would have little use for a set of teacups.

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On the other hand, we’ve both been very busy lately and even if I wanted to plan some significant time together doing something special, I don’t know when we’d do it.

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