Adult chat and picture swap app Adult random chat francais

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Adult chat and picture swap app

When you're developing an app for i OS, you really only have to support one device: the i Phone.

This is not a limitation of Android, and it's not a matter of the i Phone having better hardware.

The one on the left was taken with the brand new Pixel XL, while the one on the right was taken with a two-year-old i Phone 6.

On first glance, the Android picture quality might look a bit better, so let's just focus in on the zoomed area.

This means that they can have manual exposure controls, capture RAW images to do post-processing themselves, and tons of other goodies that can make pictures taken by third-party apps look just as great as they do with Android's stock camera app. Instead, their Android app just asks to look at what your camera sees, then records the results.

Compare that to an app like Instagram that actually taps into your camera's hardware to take full-resolution photos using Camera2 API, and you'll see an obvious difference: Same picture, same angle, same phone, yet wildly different results.

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And yes, the i Phone takes Snapchat photos in much higher resolution.

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