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Its like a big lens cap, blocking our view of the ground to the radar.

The radar has to take just the right altitude and velocity measurements at just the right time-or the rest of the landing sequence wont work. (whoosh) (music cuts) And then come down on rockets.

On the other hand, it doesnt have enough atmosphere to finish the job. (blast-whoosh) Tom Rivellini: When it opens up that fast, its a neck-snapping 9Gs!

Steve Lee: At that point we have to get that heat shield off.

(whoosh) (music -tension/drums steadily building) Adam Steltzner: We slam into the atmosphere and develop so much aerodynamic drag, our heat shield, it heats up and it glows like the surface of the sun. Miguel San Martin: During entry, the vehicle is not only slowing down- violently, though the atmosphere, but also we are guiding it, like an airplane!

to be able to land in a very narrow, constrained space.

Gatorade bottles, energy drink cans or gallon jugs.

(music- grand) Anita Sengupta: We cant get those rocket engines too close to the ground.

Because if we were to descent propulsively all the way to the ground- we would essentially create this massive dust cloud.

(heavy wind sound) (music pulsing/intense) Tom Rivellini: This big huge parachute that weve got-itll only slow us down to about 200 miles an hour. (engines blast) Once we turn those rocket motors on- if we dont do something, were just going to smack right back into the parachute!

(engines blast) (music- big pounding drums) So the first thing we do is make this really radical divert maneuver We fly off to the side.

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Volunteers will be present to assist in getting as many recyclable items as possible into the designated bins for collection.

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