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It is not a legitimate "research" site, as it claims.Not too difficult to see that it has a very thinly veiled intellectual veneer for its sick propaganda.This site gives the human race, as a whole, too much credit.Face it, people are stupid, and will continue to make bad judgements, and it has nothing to do with who they are.This is completely unequitable and not only the Jewish population but certainly anyone with a sense of equity will support your removal of this site from the search engine, and in the very least, from the very top of the list!its now on page 2 but it is really offensive i'd hate a school aged kid to find it and believe there was no holocost etc the "gentleman" who does the site is training others to hate its terrible please consider removing it thanks robin greene mom of 2 little kids With laptop at my side while on a month long family vacation in Israel, this disgusting site is what I woke up to this morning.When truth can be so twisted, humanity is in danger.Remove this horrific site that displays the most base instincts of humanity.

The fact that the highly antisemetic site jewwatch is the second site presented on your list in response to googling the term "jew" is extremely offensive, especially when upon googling the terms "christian" or "muslim" the second and third sites listed are certainly not anti christian and muslim, respectively.Most of the information on this site is pure crap, but believed by people who are afraid of a people who comprise only .0025 \% of the world population.Just think where the world would be without Jewish people.The above noted site is particularly disgusting as it makes claim 'not to hate the Jews around you, but just look at what all the jews are doing to you.' In addition, one merely is look at the site and realise how many of the quoted 'objective' sources have no idea what it is to be objective. We apparently need a 50,000 signature petition to take it off but none to put it on.This truly is living proof that money speaks louder than faith to google Zero tolerance is the only solution for any individual who spreads any kind of message filled with hate and lies. YOU STIFLE ALL CRITICIZM OF YOURSELVES THROUGH YOUR CONTROL OF THE AMERICAN MEDIA.

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When you Google the word Jew, something hateful shouldn't appear first. Who cares about ranking, with enough people on the list it should be obvious that your customers don't want this.

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