Animated chatbots starting a dating profile writing business

Posted by / 15-Oct-2020 22:54

Some 60.5 million Americans now use a virtual assistant of some kind at least once a month.According to Gartner, chatbots will power 85% of all customer-service interactions by the year 2020.“Customers want an immediate way to interact with our content in a conversational way.Chatbots are answering.” We’re moving toward the conversational commerce of the next generation.

It’s counterproductive—and quickly becomes expensive and messy—when companies create a whole new repository of Q&A content for bots. Companies take an expedient approach rather than an intelligent approach.

Industry analysts predict that chatbots and intelligent personal assistants will overtake traditional web interfaces as the primary consumer touchpoint, that they will replace or augment mobile apps, and they will completely transform customer service. The good news is that with some engineering, chatbots can employ and extend an existing content repository.

If those predictions don’t boggle your mind, read them again. Intelligent content allows us to use single-source publishing to push content out to interactive channels, including those that involve chatbots and intelligent assistants.

And we’ll get there only if we can reuse the content we already have, says Cruce.

Ideally, companies would publish their Q&A content out in multiple forms, including bots, from a single source.

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It’s safe to say that modern chatbots have trouble accomplishing all these tasks.