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I have tried right at the start and also when the workbook is being called but it makes no difference. I looked up the code I used and I see that I made the workbook visible so it must have opened hidden. A new Excel Application instance is, by default, hidden. So, if setting its visible property to false hides it then there is some code somewhere that made it visible to begin with. I made it visible to keep the user entertained while the spreadsheet was formatting since it was only one sheet and it didn't take too long. Hello experts i have this macro (which calls macros in other workbooks) and the Application.

I went with moving the .visible to the end of the script.

Here are some ideas: - Check if your code calls for code in a different procedure, maybe the Application.

Screen Updating is turned on outside of the procedure.

When Access is exporting the data to Excel I can still see the spreadsheet tabs populating.

I was wondering if it was where I am putting the commands.

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If macro3 does turn screenupdating off but then turns it back on at the end, you'll see the screen redraw then. Simply removing Screenupdating = True from all the macros should resolve that. If your question is answered then please remember to mark it solved Computers are like air conditioners.

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