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Most of these bayonets also have the Rumanian CM marking.The Germans took over production of the VZ24 bayonet during WWII, and the markings changed: Wa A only.Made with the Blade edge upwards as per the Austrian pattern these blades can also be found with a more normal edge down blade.During WWII the Germans used large numbers of Czech blades and removed the muzzle rings, as per standard German practice - the very long hilt groove proving to give sufficient support for the mounted weapon.This can make it somewhat confusing, additional problems come from the fact that many countries did not mark the exported blades with identifiable marks to indicate the end user.Rumania used large numbers of the VZ24, and these are marked with various CM markings, i.e.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.

It is thought that when necessary the Czech's supplied the Belgians with weapons to help complete orders, even though they were in direct competition for the same contracts.This was probably due to the requirements to meet export orders, i.e.Czech bound blades were taken out of production to fulfil export orders and then replaced with export aimed blades.This is required when it is necessary to protect the signals or data conducted by the connector, as well as to protect external devices, from disturbance due to electromagnetic effects.On this page I have outlined the various VZ24 and VZ33 pattern bayonets available to the collector and have used my own collection and photographs from other collectors to illustrate the variations.

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the C over a curved M in a circle, the M in a larger C, C over straight M , etc.