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Fraser was gentle and eager and apparently guileless, and we as a country decided that was something we wanted as frequently as he would provide it, and so he spent some of the best years of his life doing his best to do just that. And on it went—in retrospect, far beyond where Fraser wanted it to go.“I believe I probably was trying too hard, in a way that's destructive,” Fraser says now.And his brothers”—Holden, 13, Leland, 11—“ever since they were small, one was always the spokesperson and the other was the enforcer.” Fraser interrupts himself here to talk more about his eldest son.We've just met, but that doesn't seem to bother him. Griffin, he says, is “a curative on everyone who meets him, I noticed. Or he just makes them, I don't know…put things into sharper relief and maybe find a way to have a little bit more compassion.All told, Fraser says, he was in and out of hospitals for almost seven years. “This is gonna really probably be a little saccharine for you,” Fraser warns.“But I felt like the horse from whose job it was to work and work and work.Movie stardom is a phenomenon even movie stars can't reliably explain.

In 1999, he starred in a horror-adventure flick that also made a bunch of money and ultimately spawned a franchise that would occupy, on and off, the next nine years of his life.I was building an exoskeleton for myself daily.” Eventually all these injuries required multiple surgeries: “I needed a laminectomy.And the lumbar didn't take, so they had to do it again a year later.” There was a partial knee replacement.Some more work on his back, bolting various compressed spinal pads together.At one point he needed to have his vocal cords repaired.

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The horse's name is Pecas—the Spanish word for freckles.

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