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Henry Wilkinson benefited from a good education, excelling in the sciences, and counted among his friends the discoverer of electricity, Michael Faraday.

From its origins in the eighteenth century, Wilkinson Sword always represented the highest possible standards and most advanced technology of the sword maker’s craft.

Like Henry Nock, Henry Wilkinson worked very closely with the Master General of the Ordnance.

He carried out much experimental work with guns, and began developing many new patents.

Following the centuries-old tradition of using swords to honour wartime glories, Wilkinson Sword was required to make many presentation swords during the war. When the Russians defeated the Germans at Stalingrad - now Volgograd, in 1943, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill decided to reward the victory and celebrate the Anglo-Russian alliance with the presentation of a sword.

The forging of the steel blade was primarily the work of Tom Beasley - an 83 year old, leaving his sickbed to make the sword.

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