Catholics against interracial dating

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Catholics against interracial dating

"Bob Jones University opposes one world, one church, one economy, onemilitary, one race, and unisex.

God made racial differences as He madegender differences.

Mc Cain's South Carolina co-chairman, House Speaker Pro Tem Terry Haskins resigned over the attack.

“We do not expect everyone to agree with us or like us.Instead, he described the ban as “an insignificant” part of the school’s opposition to one world order.Basically, it didn’t pay for the university to keep the ban, given all the bad publicity it was generating, he said.The cross of Jesus Christ is a dividing line for some.We don’t quake or blush with embarrassment over the term ‘religious conservatives,'” Jones wrote in yesterday’s ads.

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We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, not Bob Jones." His reference to Bob Jones, founder of the recently maligned Bob Jones University in South Carolina, has stoked afire the media has created around the school.

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