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“It’s become a leisure activity, like going to the theatre or the cinema,” says Alain Plumey, curator of Paris’s located at 1, rue Therese in the 1ème, it is very difficult to get by the bouncer…

uh, doorman, who imposes his own taste on the clientèle.

Anyway, with the heat, jumping in the pool seemed much easier.

Racers had the honor to run the magnificent places that show the prestigious historic heritage.

Louis XIV then went on to select this locality to build the palace we know so well today, a symbol of royal absolutism and the very incarnation of French classical art.

Just before going back to school or work, athletes met in a beautiful setting, the Domaine de Chantilly, for 7 types of races: triathlon, marathon, semi-marathon, 10K, duathlon, swim bike and swim run.

Others offer sandwiches and other nibbles to boost people’s energy level.

In all cases, they are very expensive—and you’ll do better to have something before you go, though maybe going on a full stomach is not the best idea. Some are for couples only while others permit unaccompanied men on certain nights if they pay a premium for admission. Others have theme nights that vary from the unusual dress codes to exploring different sexual preferences.

The palace’s most emblematic feature remains the Hall of Mirrors designed by Mansart, a place to see and to be seen and the ultimate reception venue.

The extension work continued in the following century, including the building of the Chapel and the Opera.

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Some clubs cater to homosexual clients while there are others where anything goes – literally.