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I didn’t want to pick up extra slack around the house for fear of being taken for granted or treated like a doormat.

He was struggling like I was and needed love and reassurance.

I love the mission that Paul and Lori Byerly, Generous Husband and Generous Wife, have made of bringing this concept to the forefront.

All too often in our Christian walk, we ask how much we do.

Travels limited, time update to life adult dating waterford newton the hatred.

How I wanted grace from my husband, but I wasn’t offering grace to him?

And in our marriages, we ask what minimum actions will get us what we want from our spouse.

While the results from our calculator will give you a rough estimate of how much exercise you're actually doing during sex, we can't stress enough that this is just a bit of fun.

You shouldn't start counting your results as part of any weight loss or fitness plan you're currently undertaking.

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I’ve written before about what made the difference in my own marriage.

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