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But while I'd reel off the tales, inside I would be cringing and judging myself.

Jenny Stallard uses comedy to give her perspective on experiences such as speed dating [ALAMY] Why was my life the subject of such amusement? I stoked the fire with my stories of disastrous nights out with men who lived with their mum. Initially the comedy course was a way to take my mind off being single, an eight-week Wednesday evening hobby.

That's when they decided to sign her up for some online dating sites and that's where the hilarity starts.

She met a lot of interesting people on these various sites and she's sharing some of the best stories today. As Valentine's Day approaches, this topic becomes more and more relevant.

Pick out one of your favorite, hilarious comedy movies, or a try out a brand new one, and grab the popcorn.

All the power and immediacy that emanates from every movement, how fluid their bodies move, and the speed that they can push themselves to makes me so envious. w=500&h=510" width="500" height="510" srcset=" w=500&h=510 500w, w=1000&h=1020 1000w, w=147&h=150 147w, w=294&h=300 294w, w=768&h=784 768w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px" / I smiled at her and asked her what she thought about football… [Subtext Translation: Hello, my name is Jim, I’m a cool, successful guy also living in Austin, it’s a pleasure to correspond with you because I can see that you’re a really special woman that any guy would be lucky to be with.]I saw that one of your mantras was Jim Rohn’s quote: “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” I respect your social interests and I also enjoy living in the present moment! HER: I can’t get enough of it, all those ripped guys pounding into each other play after play. We’ve started a new series of date nights that we are SO excited about: A Year of Movie Night Dates!This comedy movie themed date is #4 of TWELVE at-home movie nights that are themed on different movies genres!

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