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The least compatible signs with Capricorn are generally considered to be Aries and Libra. Like many celebrities and famous people, Conrad keeps his personal and love life private.

In Independence Day, Conrad flirted with Noni so that he was able to swap two blood samples around, allowing his patient to get a heart transplant.

In The Elopement, Conrad and Noni sleep together, which she suggests is his rebound from Nic. He ended their relationship after punching his father at the rehearsal dinner, lying and telling her he didn't love her and the marriage wouldn't work.

Conrad Thomas Lant, also known by the stage name of Cronos, is an English musician.

This was an insurance fraud and Conrad wants to take her down, especially after getting Nic arrested. Conrad suggests that the difference between them is that he helps sick people, and doesn't capitalize off people's misfortune.

When she tells Conrad this over the phone, he tells her that he’ll handle it.

He ends up calling his father, Marshall Winthrop, who pays all of her bail and tells his son that she’ll be released within the hour.

Conrad ends up calling his father, who pays all of her bail and tells his son that she’ll be released within the hour. Bell has a new boss, Conrad's father who will be the new chairman of the board.

Conrad's mother died before the Pilot, but it seems like he was very close to her as being separated from her is one reason why he hates his father.

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And they both are competing for the attention of Nic, even though Jude knows Conrad is still in love with her.