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When we were ready to make the next disbursement for his Fall Senior year we were told that since the University did not disburse the amount after Spring Junior year the loan was closed.

After speaking with 5 different Sallie Mae representatives, who I will add all have the same scripted response; we were told that an application would need to be completed again.

Most people wait for it to accumulate and pay both interest and principal after graduation.They usually get a high monthly fee (I've heard 700-900 ) For 4 years in school, I paid 7/month for both loans which is ,136 total until graduation. I know that choosing to pay interest in school vs outside school, is still the same, but I don't have to be attacked with high monthly fees.After grace period is over, I will be paying 0 total for both loans since I have been paying interest.If you will be hard on cash after graduation, please pay interest asap. Take a part time job, internship or whatever to pay these interests while still in school!Hell even flip items on Facebook market like I did if you have a tough major (be careful with this though).

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So here I am, living in a van, because I signed a deal with the wrong hand.

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