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Consumer complaints on consolidating student loans

He adds, “We remain committed to our student loan business by providing loan options to help cover the cost of higher education while delivering excellent service and support to students, parents and schools.” And in August 2015, student loan servicer Navient Corp.

announced it had received notification from the CFPB’s Office of Enforcement that the bureau was considering a suit against subsidiary Navient Solutions Inc.

The other 17% said they were unable to temporarily postpone payments.However, the CFPB can track only what is reported to it.Some complaints may be landing at the state level or with other federal entities.The action cited illegal servicing practices such as overstating minimum amounts due on billing statements, denying information needed for federal income tax benefits, and illegal debt collection tactics, such as late-night and early morning calls to customers.The order, which Discover consented to, mainly addressed concerns with a subset of loans that the company acquired in 2010, according to Robert Weiss, manager of public relations for Discover.

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And complaints made to the CFPB are not always valid — borrowers may have a grievance with the terms of their loans or experience an inability to pay, which doesn’t necessarily put the servicer at fault.