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Khaled is a Cairene who owns a farm and agricultural land in the Delta.He says many of the men living in the village have pornographic channels installed on their television receiver.“It is definitely a common complaint that the husband is getting his sexual satisfaction through the Internet, from chatting or from porno sites,” said Barbari, adding that this trend plays a factor in the breakup of relationships.

Everything here is forbidden, After viewing the salacious images, some men says Khaled then go home and attempt to reenact what they have just seen, with their wives – something that is not often well received.

In 2008, the ECWR found in the first exhaustive study ever to be conducted on sexual harassment in Egypt, that more than 60 percent of the Egyptian women and nearly 100 percent of foreign women who took part in the study, claimed to have experienced some form of sexual harassment in as a marriage counselor and sex therapist is her downtown clinic.

While she encourages young married couples to be more sexually active, she also warms them about promiscuity.

A basic search for “free Egypt chat sites” brings up over 5,000,000 results.

Twenty-two-year-old Mostafa, a single pharmacy student from Assiut said the sole purpose of his chatting online is that a virtual relationship can lead to a real date.

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Yet he likes to brag to his friends about the possible outcome.

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