Datacontext submitchanges not updating database

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So E); // retrieve IDs in tables Engr and So E Engr = DB.

When the transaction around the submission is completed successfully, the Data Context accepts the changes to the objects by ignoring the change-tracking information. You can start with a new instance of the Data Context if the changes in memory are to be discarded.// ********************************* // People Updates // ********************************* // In Engr and So E Empl IDs = Input List. Get Engr By Ids(Empl IDs); // retrieve objects from Engr So E = DB.I have an XML string in memory, which I want to write to my database. Everything works fine up to that point, and all the values are correct when I debug. //pare down xml to contain locations only //using LINQ XElement result Data = XElement. Parse(xml Result); //xml Result is the string containing the XML var locations Xml Data = from lc in result Data.

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All changes to the database are rolled back as if no submissions ever occurred.

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