Dating a older man with children stanley gaines dating

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Dating a older man with children

I remember the first time I met his daughter and I had no idea how I was feeling; I wasn’t as nervous as I thought because she was only a baby, yet I so desperately wanted this tiny human to like me.

It is such a huge thing introducing your child to someone and I truly felt honoured because I knew it meant that my boyfriend wanted me to stick around.

In fact, seeing him with his daughter restored my faith in fathers, as mine is non-existent and I had a negative perspective of guys with children because of this.

I have never considered myself to be maternal and I always worry that I would be oblivious to motherhood, you know those random thoughts of ‘I would probably drop the baby on its head’?

He makes time for me and we see each other whenever the opportunity arises.

I always remind myself that I also have my own life, so when he has his daughter or when he is asked to have her for extra days it’s something I’m totally cool with.

Similarly, some older men would never dream of dating a younger girl, while many love idea of being wild and free.

It is always awful when you see someone you love with someone else so I cannot imagine how difficult it is when a child is involved.

His ex is still very much involved in his life and I don’t particularly like it but I absolutely accept it.

You can’t look at children as ‘baggage’, you should look at them as an important part of the person you loves life and possibly yours too.

Be with someone who truly makes you happy, who wants you to be involved and who reassures you; everybody needs to know that they are loved and wanted.

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