Dating a third year med student Redtube adult chat

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Dating a third year med student

I say, if you have a healthy relationship; you communicate, you meet-halfway on things, and you are happy; go for it. This might not be the response you are looking for, but depending on the state in which you live if you get married during medschool and then divorced later on she is entitled to an incredibly high percentage of your income because she helped you through medschool.Just try to enjoy the time as much as possible before medschool because it definitely puts pressure on the relationship. Otherwise, first year is brutal and will be a strain but my boyfriend of 5 years and I were fine and I am sure you and your fiance will be as well. We're planning on having the wedding during the fall of 4th year.

If you have a strong relationship, where you guys are united and work together, and don't argue or cold-shoulder each other, but can consult on things and work together as a team, then talk about it together!

Right now, I am planning on taking a year off between undergrad and med school to work at a hospital (or do research if this doesn't pan out) and I hope to marry my SO during the time off before the craziness of medical school begins.

Recently, however, I have been concerned that it would not behoove us to get married before med school because it seems that the strain that my first year would put on a newly-wed relationship is just too much for said relationship to thrive.

If/when you make it through all the bullshit that is medical school (and trust me, it's a lot of bullshit), your relationship will be stronger for it.

And if waiting isn't satisfying to you, you can always get engaged as a sign of commitment to each other.

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