Dating advice small town

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Dating advice small town

Small towns generally have limited rental stock, and finding anything even remotely comparable to what you had in the city, whether that’s an open-concept space or just a kitchen with granite counters, is often nearly impossible.

Parking in a city may be tough, but parking in a small town is often next-to-impossible.

In a small town, you might be hard-pressed to even buy a beer on Sunday. For proof, check out these 20 Celebs Who Shunned Hollywood for Small Town Life.

Finding yourself hungry and running low on groceries in a small town leaves you with three options: get dressed and drive 30 minutes to the one diner that’s still open, go hungry, or order pizza again. You may not think you know everybody in your small town, but rest assured, somebody knows you—and your business.

In addition to limited employment prospects, wages tend to be significantly lower than they’d be in a big city, and you may even have to suffer the indignity of interviewing with that kid who always pushed you into lockers in high school.

In a massive apartment building in Manhattan, you might not even know your next-door neighbor’s name.

Those small town festivals and local carnivals may seem fun to outsiders, but ask anyone living in a small town and they’ll tell you how annoying they can be. However, when tourists descend on the place you live, work, shop, and generally do all the things people in urban areas do and dub everything in it “adorable,” it’s nothing short of patronizing.Just because you opened a coffee shop or fixed up an old house doesn’t mean you essentially wrote the town charter, too. Suddenly, your quaint town will be overloaded with people building new businesses, fixing up old houses for months at a time, and making way for condo construction, making it virtually impossible for you to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time.If you have kids in a small town, you know that they have two choices until they have their license: either stay at home or get toted around by you.Adding 1000 extra cars to tiny streets and postage-stamp-sized municipal parking is a recipe for some seriously bad traffic. Seriously, the local gas station and that dilapidated house on the corner are not worthy of “oohs” and “aahs.” And if you want a relaxing break from small town life, try out one of the 20 Most Zen Places on Earth.When you live in a big city, you get to enjoy the blissful anonymity of shopping at your local 24-hour supermarket in peace. In much of small town America, you have two choices: take the car wherever you go or just stay in.

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If you’re a newcomer to a small town, you might just find that you’re not as welcome as you hoped.

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