Dating an engineering student

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Dating an engineering student

The survey also revealed patterns of cross-major dating.After other Olin Business School students, business students tend to date engineers, who in turn are equally split between business and social science students.

Forty-nine percent of engineering undergraduates are currently dating someone, compared to about 43 percent for undergraduates overall.

“Women deal with a lot of sexism in STEM fields, and that can sometimes carry over into dating, where men are intimidated by female intelligence.” Her own personal struggles with dating while working as a science editor inspired her to to get a life coaching certification and start her own private dating coaching business.

“Being in this male-dominated field, interviewing scientists who are often male, I felt this inferiority complex. I felt like I had to make more of an effort to prove myself as a woman," she said.

Indeed, data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that the projected average salary of a 2017 grad with an engineering degree is about ,000; computer science grads net ,500; and math and science majors earn ,368.

Meanwhile, a humanities grad can expect to make just ,700.

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“People studying art and architecture might date mostly inside their school because they are having the same courses and seeing the same people everyday.

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