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Dating bir ok kisi online

Half a million homes across the country were leveled and more than 8,500 people were killed, including 19 climbers and Sherpas who died in an avalanche that roared through Mount Everest Base Camp.While images of the devastation in Kathmandu were broadcast around the world, little was heard from people in the Langtang Valley, which sits roughly 40 miles northeast of the capital.When we saw that, we panicked and headed for a cave.

Outside sought the surviving foreigners who had since returned home, along with Nepalis living in tents outside Kathmandu, and found a story not just of ruin in the aftermath but of chaos—marked by conflicts between locals and tourists as they attempted to collect supplies and food, a bias toward Westerners during the rescue efforts, and a disaster response that was haphazard at best.This big boulder just missed us and slammed with great force into a hotel and demolished it.There was a mule herder—he was killed right in front of us by a rock.Austin Lord (): I’ve been working in and around the area for three years, mostly studying hydropower development and socioeconomic change.I’ve been up and down the main stem of the valley leading north many times, and three times to Langtang.

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What the earthquake didn’t destroy, the avalanche did.