Dating blue ridge southern pottery

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In Georgia, we have carried out a handful of survey projects in De Kalb, Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Houston, Mc Duffie, and Whitfield counties, with nothing especially interesting to report.

One project that seemed to have potential for some good […] Figure 1. GARS continues its study of the Fort Daniel site (9GW623) in Gwinnett County, having completed the first phase of investigations on November 9 after 16 weekends in the field.

Nevertheless, after a slightly chilly start, it was a perfect fall day with brilliant sunshine lending a glow to what were once rice […] Many of the archeological phase names currently used for northwest Georgia are directly attributable to the work of Joseph Caldwell in Allatoona Reservoir more than fifty years ago (Caldwell 1950, 1957).

While terminology has changed over the years, most of the designations used by Caldwell remain in use today.

Results of the investigations to date were presented at the Fall SGA meeting.

A Power Point presentation in PDF […] This year our Society held its Fall Picnic on November 3 at Fife Plantation, later than usual due to warnings about heat and mosquitoes, the hazards of visiting a Savannah River plantation.

Archaeologists use and develop taxonomies, or systems for classifying artifacts, etc.

Consider visiting the cannon on 22 October 2011, as well as attending the SGA’s Fall Meeting that day and the Society’s silent and live auctions in the evening.This website, sponsored by the Society for Historical Archaeology and the Bureau of Land Management, provides detailed information about bottles made in the USA (and some from Canada) between about 1800 through the 1950s.To explore and learn about the decorations used on prehistoric pottery from Georgia, visit the University of Georgia’s website on Georgia Indian ceramics.Click here for more information on the Fall Meeting.The Museum of Modern Art in New York City has acquired a ubiquitous modern symbol: the @ symbol.

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He asked people who made a brick he saw in La Grange with “LACLEDE KING” stamped on it.