Dating during divorce michigan

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Dating during divorce michigan

Specifically, be discreet with your new relationship—don’t post pictures all over social media for your ex to see.Also, be careful about inviting your new partner to events or places where you’re likely to run into your former spouse.Any dislike for one parent’s new significant other could sway the kids to choose the other parent.Your new relationship can also make it appear as if your ex can offer a more stable living situation for the kids.

However, if one spouse spent thousands on jewelry, clothing, or trips for a lover, a judge will likely consider those expenditures when awarding assets in a divorce.So if your new relationship destroyed your marriage, you may have to pay additional spousal support—or be prohibited from asking for support—as a result.You may believe that a new relationship will actually benefit your kids, but a judge may not.For example, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary conflict by keeping your new flame away from court hearings.And finally, don't introduce your new partner to your children without talking to your ex first.

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If a judge believes your ex, you could have limitations placed on your custody or visitation time because of any alleged danger the new person poses to your children.