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Some Fenderphiles will also want to have their tech upgrade to the Blackface correct solid core cloth covered wire.

I will say again, the Blackface are the crowning achievement of Leo Fender Amp legacy. I highly recommend modding the high power Twins and Supers from the late 70’s they have an very desirable headroom, especially when Blackfaced.

#3: Any Silverface Fenders (1968 to about 1980) From 0 to 0 It’s a hardwired amp for less then a grand, what else needs to be said.

In the hands of a capable tech it can be easily modified to Blackface specs for about 250 dollars.

The amp has two channels which sound virtually the same, one of which sports a great sounding tremolo.50 watts out of an open back 4×10 cab housing some very well suited Eminence ceramic speakers.Forget the Master volume and dirty channel – use this amp as if if were a non master Super or reissue Bassman (w/ reverb) and get your distortion from a pedal you like.#1: Peavey Delta Blues 0 new, used from 0 to 0 Lush reverb and tremolo, a quartet of EL 84’s a very nice sounding tight Eminence 15″ guitar speaker.This is one of the only affordable 15 inch speaker guitar amps that is not a steel guitar amp. When they first came out they were using Chinese power tubes and they sounded good.

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