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You know that you can order an escort straight to your door or a hotel.That's not our industry, and continuing to push the expectation is extremely insulting and offensive." Remember that respect matters, Melody says. We are mothers and daughters, sisters and wives, nurses, daycare teachers, doctors, lawyers, chefs, scientists, everything you can imagine, all in addition to being entertainers. We chose to be entertainers because we enjoy it, and because it allows us the freedom and flexibility to enjoy our lives and support our families."Some dancers aren't fond of the ladies in the club, but not me! There are some women who no one wants to see in a club though," she warns."Don't be the jealous and insecure girlfriend who hates strippers and thinks we are whores who wanna take your man to the back and blow him, but come with him to the club anyway."There is never any reason to be rude when we initially approach you.We want to talk and spend time with customers, to help make sure everyone is having a good time.Most cities like to keep their sexier sides relegated to shady side streets, where tourists won’t spot them unless they’re looking super hard.

"Don't assume you can put your hand around my shoulder or waist. But if a dancer kissed every guy in the room, we would all be in urgent care with some sort of kissing disease, like tonsillitis or strep.Put your money on the stage or in the g-string, politely say ‘Thank you,’ and let us do our jobs.Personal attention is happily given after we exit the stage." Melody Thick actually loves girls who come to the club to have a good time, but the ones who seem to come simply to nag a partner for enjoying him or herself are the worst.New Orleans’ sexual openness is part of its appeal; this city is the burlesque capital of the US, after all...and even in the midst of some terrible scandals, there are still several amazing strip clubs in The Crescent City.

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However, contrary to what some might believe, New Orleans strip clubs are not an anything-goes free-for-all.