Dating political differences

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Cassie said some of these couples wouldn’t have chosen each other without the prompting of a matchmaker, but by keeping their hearts open they realized they were the right match despite differences in politics, religion, or lifestyle. “My most successful clients are open and understand that differences are a positive and not a negative.” Her book will examine the case studies of clients who went on to meet their matches and form solid relationships or happy marriages.Cassie will then offer her insights into the mindsets and tactics that helped these individuals find love in the modern dating scene.That’s a pretty high number, but it has jumped significantly since the fallout of the presidential election.According to’s internal data, 60% of today’s singles said they’re less open to dating across party lines than they were two years ago, and 91% of liberal respondents said they negatively judge potential dates who voted for Trump.She advocates for being open-minded instead of fixating on one area of incompatibility.In her matchmaking business, Cassie emphasizes the overall compatibility that can strengthen a relationship and lead to a happy and fulfilled life.Innovative Match, Cassie’s boutique matchmaking company, is on a mission to bring people together, even while current events continually drive them apart.

“I’ve never ever experienced something so difficult,” she said.Even though 52% of Republicans and 70% of Democrats participating in a 2016 survey said they viewed people in the other party as close-minded, 51% of all voters said talking politics with someone they disagree with is interesting and informative.In 2016, Cassie published her first book, “Finding Love After 50,” as a guide for mature singles seeking relationships.The Scoop: Cassie Zampa-Keim has been working in the matchmaking industry since 1990, and she has watched it change dramatically over the decades.She founded her own matchmaking company, Innovative Match, in 2010 to keep up with the times and lend her sage experience to singles throughout the country.

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