Dating why women like bad boys

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Dating why women like bad boys

Then there’s the serious bad boys who think cocaine is their best friend and are acquainted with the local police more than anyone should be.Whether a bad boy is naturally so, or he’s a former ‘good’ boy who’s adopted a bad boy image to gain some kind of cred doesn’t really matter.Little girls often idolise – and idealise – their fathers and seek men who emulate that person in their lives when they grow up and away from their parents.Additionally, girls want to impress their fathers, and if Dad has a wild streak he might be sympathetic to a boyfriend with that same wild streak. The need to ‘fix’ people For some women the challenge of rehabilitating the bad boy is just too irresistible.Or maybe they just like to feel like they’re indulging in something illicit their families would disapprove of. For the sense of the familiar Many women who go for bad boys had a father or older brother who had bad boy traits too.They say girls go for men like their father, and that’s not too far from the truth.Further, a study in the revealed that having low-self esteem can actually lower relationship satisfaction for both you and your partner.

Do you keep dating the same types of men over and over, only to get the same result?Either way, some girls like the thrill and even the sense of danger that being around that kind of person holds.Maybe they’ve been good girls all their lives and want the release that being with a bad boy brings.In other words, these seemingly negative characteristics can in reality be beneficial toward drawing more people toward these bad boys in a romantic way.And as a result, bad boys who live their lives as renegades who are up to no good are often perceived as more attractive and appealing.

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It’s a big ego boost to think you can be the only one to ‘save’ someone.

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