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He tries to take her upstairs, but she claims she has to go shopping with Blair for a dress to wear to a charity benefit that night.

He's a little disappointed when he learns it's for endangered toads, and Serena reminds him he's having lunch with his grandfather.

Inglourious Bassterds is the 17th episode of the third season and the 60th overall. But on the Upper East Side, the rules of battle are simple. -Gossip Girl Chuck and Blair are faced with the most difficult decision they have ever faced as a couple when Jack tells Blair that she has to sleep with him for Chuck to get the hotel back.

She says they're Chuck and Blairs's, but wishes him happy birthday anyway.

Jack replies that he told Chuck how to get the hotel back, and it wouldn't cost him anything; because all he wants is a night with Blair.

She tells him no, and he says he's surprised at how quickly she's denying Chuck the chance to win back the thing that means everything to him.

Jenny agrees, then brings up what happened the week before again.

Nate reminds her that she can always come to him, and then she waves over the staff, who sing Nate Happy Birthday while bringing him ice cream.

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Blair tells him again that they'll find another way, and he reminds her that she has the chance to fix everything and that Chuck would never find out.