Dealing with an ex dating a friend advice for senior dating behavior

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Dealing with an ex dating a friend

“This is messy territory.”“I feel really lucky that the women in my life are mature enough to bask in the absurdity of it all, as opposed to jealousy taking the wheel,” Olive says.

“In fact, it’s a huge bonding experience, especially in cases in which both romantic relationships were totally not healthy.”Sometimes it is inevitable that romantic relationships overlap, especially in insular communities like small towns or college campuses.

While Lora was there, she hung out with each person separately.

Things went smoothly, but a week later, she found out the two were now dating on a Face Time call with her friend.

My ex moved to a new city and was lonely,” Lora says.“I’ve also tried to remind myself that people are dumb and make mistakes, and they can both care about and betray me in the same way that I can miss and hate them.” She adds that her friend became “more human” to her rather than a “distant monster” when they reconnected at the wedding.“I feel some closure, but I don’t know if I’ll ever totally forgive them,” she says.It didn't feel good worrying if he would trade in our friendship just for a forbidden make out with my best friend. And I don't think you should ever apologize or justify that sting. For a moment, things got so bad that my ex and I stopped talking for a bit, but we're fine now, thankfully.

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We met up recently, and it turned out, like with most things, to be a matter of miscommunication. I thought it was understood that exes are off limits to best friends, or hell, even good friends. Here's the thing: I don't ever want to date my ex again.