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Dendrochronology cross dating

" The article should definitely have included more coverage on the strengths of dendrochronology, but also on its shortcomings, especially in comparison to other proxies. Tree sections show GROWTH RINGS which are the result of the intersection of trunk tranversal sections with volumetric ANNULAR GROWTH of wood.At looking at other comments on the talk page, I noticed that one person mentioned that the specific application on climatology is vague and minimum, and I couldn't agree more. "A 694-Year Tree-Ring Based Rainfall Reconstruction from Himachal Pradesh, India." Climate Dynamics 33.7-8 (2009): 1149-58. Dendrochronology is based on ANNUAL growth observed in tree cross-sections as an annulus or ring. DENDROCHRONOLOGY is the study of ANNUAL rings (Cf chronos in its etimology) as needed for archaeology, paleoclimate, radiocarbon, etc. DENDROLOGY deals with all types of ANNULAR and other growth be it ANNUAL or not as needed for physiology, ecology, timber industry, etc.In terms of discussing dendrochronology as a paleoclimate proxy, this article needs a lot of work. This article in particular is what I would have modeled the Wikipedia article after.While it contains a lot of good information about the theory behind why and how tree rings work as a proxy, it doesn't explain the calibration well. It gives a detailed analysis of dendrochronology's applications to climatology as a proxy.where measuring is precise, but results come with error margins that reduce accuracy). Is there any Wikipedian here who knows the requisite information?If so, would you care to enlighten us as to how these measurements were interpreted and used? First, a very slow-growing tree commonly only lays down a partial ring, covering say 60% of the circumference of the live wood of the tree."So are the 2% zero widths ..." - yes; and quite good, as far as I know.- MPF , (UTC) I know in some Geological periods the days were shorter.

However, the article doesn't do a good job of combining all of these sources into a detailed account of dendrochronology and its use as a climate proxy. This article provides a heavily scientifically detailed analysis of a specific example of tree rings being used to reconstruct past climates. (See tree ring thicknesses from Methuselah Walk) Wdanwatts , (UTC) Zero width is not a measurement. From patterns in several cores they have so been inferred. Jclerman , 3 October 2005 (UTC) For relevant information, with descriptions of the cross-correlation methods, chronology building, math and software used, and answers about dendrochronological methodology, including principles and results, see the following websites and links therein given: The actual count on that file is 4258 of 213232 measurements were reported as 0 (2% of the total, while the most probable width, 19 units, is only 3.5% of the total, and less that twice as probable as 0).As for the first, normal proceedure is to take several cores at different points so as to get several readings.The existence of incomplete rings was known about long before Ferguson's studies started, so he was well aware of the potential for its occurrence. auto-correlation coefficient) Dan Watts , (UTC)Whole fallen trunks with major branches still on, which comes inbetween the two I guess.I do realize all fossil trees are not gymnosperm/ angiosperm types.MMc Annis, Yuma AZ Unless I didn't understand it, it seems a self evident tautology with little relevance to the paragraph.

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- MPF , (UTC)No problem on the second; although wood is of course only produced by a tree while still alive, once dead, the old wood remains available for study until such time as it decays away.

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