Dendrochronology dating method tree ring cross dating

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If the science of dendrochronology was characterized by significant random error, the American and European tree-ring chronologies would certainly disagree with each other.In fact, a comparison of the European and American chronologies showed very close correlation.But for the specimen to be useful in extending the tree-ring chronology, the absolute calendar age of its rings must be determined.

Are the long tree-ring chronologies inaccurate due to the inability of dendrochronologists to accurately match tree-ring patterns?The patterns in America could not bias the work on patterns in Europe, because the specimens came from two different local climates, separated by an ocean.The scientists worked independently of one another.The pattern of radiocarbon in the rings showed a maximum divergence, even at very old ages, of only around 40 years.This objective, quantitative test of dendrochronology showed it to be reliable and accurate.

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