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“Troubleshooter was much more real-world based [than Deus Ex],” said Spector when we asked him about why the pitch was cancelled and it took so long for the project to come alive.

“I don’t think anyone believed you could make a real-world game fly – and in 1995, they might have been right.” Spector, who now serves as Director for the University of Austin’s game academy, knew this was a challenge at the time too, but remained unfazed by the obstacles ahead and continued to promote the project regardless.

“There are all sorts of technological unknowns, things I want to do that haven’t been done before…“I’ve tried to get a game like this started several times,” Spector said in 2000, just after the release of the first Deus Ex.“Those games didn’t happen for a variety of reasons.Yet that’s exactly what Spector originally had in mind for Troubleshooter.“Troubleshooter is a mission-orientated action simulation with no huge plot,” says Spector’s original pitch to Origin Systems. None of this 100 hours to finish the game and get your reward stuff.Like a flight sim, but it’s you, on the ground, with a gun.” While Troubleshooter wouldn’t have had a similar plot to Deus Ex, it did share a counter-terrorist premise.

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What’s more, the original pitch for Troubleshooter has been recently unearthed from an archive of game materials at the University of Austin, Texas.