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Emotional intimacy and dating

Book a nice hotel, go to dinners and do everything that fills your life with romance.

Lack of communication between couples is a major reason why passion and intimacy is lost in many relationships.

Here it is not about physical intimacy, but more about emotional intimacy.

Couples need to spend time doing fun and adventurous things together.

They already know enough, their tastes have been communicated, and the fire may not go out, but it becomes more stable.

Find the best way to build intimacy with a man and keep the spark in your relationship.

These tips will help you come closer to your husband emotionally and keep your marriage life happy.

Telling your partner that you want to try something you knew for some reason and assuring him that it would be fun to do.

If your man refuses, do not insist and try to try something else. A 2009 study found that most Canadians claim not to have regular sexual intercourse because of the stresses of everyday life.

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