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The make-up of exudate from chronic wounds differs from that of acute wounds and can promote further inflammation and impede growth and healing.An assessment of exudate volume and appearance can tell a clinician a great deal about a wound's healing progress.This can be done by the use of modern dressing materials which either lock the exudate within the body of the dressing or allow the safe passage of exudate through the dressing by means of its MVTR (moisture vapour transmission rate).Excessive wound fluid can inhibit wound healing and can lead to maceration of the peri-wound skin, further breakdown, and excoriation and skin sensitivities if inappropriately managed as it can be corrosive in nature.Purulent drainage is a sign of an unhealthy wound and demands treatment.

Some clinical continuity can be maintained through the use of an assessment tool such as an exudate continuum.

The amount of exudate which is produced is individual to the wound however always tends to rise during the inflammatory phase and if infection is present.

A delicate balance to keep the correct amount of fluid at the wound interface needs to be achieved.

In an attempt to heal the wound, the body is creating and maintaining an optimal moist wound environment.

Exudate is a derivative of serum with a high protein content and various additives which assist with healing; exudate consists of dead cells and liquefied necrotic debris, active white blood cells, growth factors, and natural enzymes that stimulate autolysis and healing, at least when present in an acute wound.

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As all wounds are contaminated, with or without necrotic tissue, they will have an odor.

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