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Ah (interj.) An exclamation, expressive of surprise, pity, complaint, entreaty, contempt, threatening, delight, triumph, etc., according to the manner of utterance. Ahead (adv.) In or to the front; in advance; onward. Aha (interj.) An exclamation expressing, by different intonations, triumph, mixed with derision or irony, or simple surprise. Chalky (a.) Consisting of, or resembling, chalk; containing chalk; as, a chalky cliff; a chalky taste. t.) To furnish with a chamber; as, to chamber a gun. Chalkstone (n.) A chalklike concretion, consisting mainly of urate of sodium, found in and about the small joints, in the external ear, and in other situations, in those affected with gout; a tophus. t.) To protect by drawing a chain across, as a harbor. Chaise (n.) A two-wheeled carriage for two persons, with a calash top, and the body hung on leather straps, or thorough-braces. It is often domesticated and is useful in guarding other poultry. Chaldaism (n.) An idiom or peculiarity in the Chaldee dialect. Chalice (n.) A cup or bowl; especially, the cup used in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Chalk (n.) A soft, earthy substance, of a white, grayish, or yellowish white color, consisting of calcium carbonate, and having the same composition as common limestone. when of different diameter from the rest of the bore; -- formerly, in guns, made smaller than the bore, but now larger, esp. Chamber (n.) A cavity in a mine, usually of a cubical form, to contain the powder. Chairmanship (n.) The office of a chairman of a meeting or organized body. Chaja (n.) The crested screamer of Brazil (Palamedea, / Chauna, chavaria), so called in imitation of its notes; -- called also chauna, and faithful kamichi. Chalaza (n.) A spiral band of thickened albuminous substance which exists in the white of the bird's egg, and serves to maintain the yolk in its position; the treadle. It occurs massive and in tetragonal crystals of a bright brass yellow color. Chaldaic (n.) The language or dialect of the Chaldeans; Chaldee. Chalet (n.) A summer cottage or country house in the Swiss mountains; any country house built in the style of the Swiss cottages. Chamber (n.) A room or rooms where a lawyer transacts business; a room or rooms where a judge transacts such official business as may be done out of court. Chamber (n.) That part of the bore of a piece of ordnance which holds the charge, esp. Ahem (interj.) An exclamation to call one's attention; hem. Chablis (n.) a white wine resembling Chablis, but made elsewhere, as in California. of Chabuk Chabuk (n.) A long whip, such as is used in the East in the infliction of punishment. They have groups of curved spines on each side of the head. Chaetotaxy (n.) The arrangement of bristles on an insect.

Chafer (n.) A vessel for heating water; -- hence, a dish or pan. The name is also applied to other species; as, the rose chafer. t.) An open furnace or forge, in which blooms are heated before being wrought into bars. of Chaffwax Chaffwax (n.) Formerly a chancery officer who fitted wax for sealing writs and other documents. Chalcocite (n.) Native copper sulphide, called also copper glance, and vitreous copper; a mineral of a black color and metallic luster. of Chalcographist Chalcographist (n.) An engraver on copper or brass; hence, an engraver of copper plates for printing upon paper. Challenge (n.) To object to the reception of the vote of, as on the ground that the person in not qualified as a voter. Chalybeate (n.) Any water, liquid, or medicine, into which iron enters as an ingredient. an upper room used for sleeping; a bedroom; as, the house had four chambers. Chamber (n.) A hall, as where a king gives audience, or a deliberative body or assembly meets; as, presence chamber; senate chamber. Chalcidian (n.) One of a tropical family of snakelike lizards (Chalcidae), having four small or rudimentary legs. The challenge must be made when the ballot is offered. Challenge (n.) To object to or take exception to, as to a juror, or member of a court. Chalybeate (a.) Impregnated with salts of iron; having a taste like iron; as, chalybeate springs. Chain (n.) That which confines, fetters, or secures, as a chain; a bond; as, the chains of habit. Chain (n.) A series of links or rings, usually of metal, connected, or fitted into one another, used for various purposes, as of support, of restraint, of ornament, of the exertion and transmission of mechanical power, etc.

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