Fromdatingtodiapers blogspot com who is nas dating 2016

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Fromdatingtodiapers blogspot com

She was in bed, loudly repeating, "RRRRachel, RRRobot, RRRabbit...hahaha I can say my R's". Wish we wouldn't have waited so long, but am glad that she is so proud of herself!

I've learned I do use that right hand for many important functions in my life.

I do predominately use my left hand, but am surprised how often I employ my right for the "other side" cutting.

Including threading and pulling up the bobbin thread as well as putting in the bobbin on both the long arm and domestic machines.

At least I thought so until I had a small cyst removed from the tall finger knuckle of my right hand, rendering it practically useless. I've been wearing contacts since I was 13 years old. More specifically, the middle finger of my right hand is crucial to holding my eye open while I put both right and left contacts in.

She had a lingual frenectomy, because she was severely tongue-tied. I couldn't be at the surgery, because I was out of sick days at school.

She has difficulty articulating and producing the /r/.

The night after her surgery, she had taken a bit of her pain meds and was sooo loopy and HILARIOUS.

I was a nervous wreck, because Paige had never been put under anesthesia before.

When I checked my email, to my surprise, there was a pic and a sweet little message from her doctor stating that all went well and that she was a "cutie patootie" :)Paige has really struggled with speech.

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Today he not only grabbed my hair straightener and burned his fingers, he also fell head first off of the bed.

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