Gay speed dating in dublin

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Gay speed dating in dublin

Irish people just don’t have the confidence – or the eagerness – to introduce themselves in person, when they could hide behind a screen and save themselves from potential rejection.

Then we have the world of dating apps - Tinder and Bumble and everything in between.

We’ve seen babies, weddings and many relationships form,” founder Hugh Redmond told We’re attracting more guys as young as 20, and then also people into their seventies.” Mr Redmond believes that speed dating is an attractive dating option for many and that it’s filtering out some of the “horror” stories that online dating can bring.

With over 13 years in the business, they’ve even heard the sound of wedding bells a few times over the years.

Each participating will have 20 people to work through and will be given three minutes with each. My friend, she was chatting to this guy for weeks on Tinder, and when she met him, he looked nothing like his pictures.

Robinson is single herself and was inspired to widen the net on the search for love after she came out of a five year relationship and realised how much the dating pool had changed during that time. You go into a bar nowadays and nobody chats you up, they just go on Tinder. “When I split up with my partner, I never thought it would be so hard to meet the right person, and I think this is where people are struggling.” So, what is the appeal of cramming in three minutes' worth of your life to multiple strangers? It’s all that time and energy wasted, and I think a lot of people have been there too.” With the CHQ event, participants download a special app that allows them to scan their dates QR codes on their phone and then after the date, they can swipe left or right if the person tickled their fancy.

“I was busiest during the recession four or five years ago, when people wanted other halves to split bills and cut costs.

But we’ve been going steady ever since, we’ve heard every story you can imagine.

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The event takes place in Bewley's Cafe and won't be serving alcohol, instead encouraging participants to give flowers and chocolates for old-fashioned romance.