Gemini woman dating scorpio woman

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Gemini woman dating scorpio woman

Because Scorpio is a WATER sign, this woman relates to the world primarily at an emotional level, has a high degree of sensitivity, and tends to be easily hurt.

As Scorpio is also a FIXED sign, at the same time she’s fearful of change and finds it hard to let go.

(This is Typical Scorpion) I really love the challenge that's why scorpion are very attractive to me BUT all astrology are saying that the worst signs together are GEMINI & Scorpion ??

Is that because it's not mutual interest I mean Gemini cannot fulfill Scorpio needs?

Someone who keeps her guessing, and allows her a lot of freedom.

Ideally you should have your own interests, and be spontaneous enough to surprise her occasionally.

A tower of strength to those she cares for, this is a woman others feel most able to lean on in times of trouble because they know they can rely on her loyal and unfaltering support.As the Scorpio starts to 'demand' more attention and commitment the Gemini pulls away even more. Now, that's not to say it can't work, as it definitely can.It does however take compromise on both sides and does depend on other personality elements. However I'm sure that I can make him more happy and I can meet all his expectation I have the feeling that in our case he is the one who is escaping the long term relationships and he has been hurted from love .A difficult combination, which she seeks to handle by keeping up her defences and wielding strict control.Since trust doesn’t come easily to the Scorpio woman, she tends to be quite suspicious by nature and at first can be reluctant to get too involved.

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Choose somewhere quiet and intimate for a date with a Scorpio woman – she’ll be uncomfortable with too many people listening in!