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But imagine how horrible this would feel to him if he knew that his responses disappointed you?

Don’t have expectations; simply be present in the moment.

It’s not a desperate quest to prove your worthy of this job.

Whether it’s a guy you like, a guy you’re dating, co-workers, or your friends — how much depth of connection exists in your relationships?

How well do you really know the people in your life, including those closest to you?

A lot of people feel awkward or nervous in conversations, especially a conversation with someone they’re trying to impress.

You end up talking about nonsense and no real connection is formed. Conversations aren’t meant to impress someone, they are meant to MORE: 225 Amazing Questions to Ask a Guy You don’t need to do tricks or play games to make him like you, you just look at what’s there and take it for what it is, and you let things unfold naturally without force or agenda.

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Remember this: If you want someone to open up to you, you must be a good listener.

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