Gretchen real housewives oc dating

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Gretchen real housewives oc dating

It's what causes the show to now be so relatable.

At the same time, they are mining for certain stories and taking advantage of the fact that my income had clearly changed after my son was diagnosed with cancer.

There really is more to a relationship and more behind the scenes but they're certainly going to tease with the stereotype.

If you are a fan of the show (and don't want to admit it) or just happen to be a fan of comedy in general, this one night show promises to be one you can't miss!

You want to believe that a young pretty girl is dating an older wealthy man and it's all about the money because that's the stereotype we put out there.

When you follow the story with Bravo, you kind of learn that everything isn't how it's perceived.

When the Housewives first came out we googled Slade and we found some rather sexy black and white photos of him with his bootie showing. Well that's enough reason for people to come out on Tuesday! That's what's so interesting because people in America are so fascinated with celebrities, professional athletes, and the rich and wealthy because you get to see and experience things that maybe in their normal life they wouldn't have an opportunity to do.

However, everyone has gone through an upheaval in their ability to earn with this economy.

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