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Hi speed dating

Batman then tells Robin that that was his date but Robin says that doesn't count because Batman messed it up.Batman then allows Robin to have another date and gets under his table so he can tell Robin what to say. As Batman is feeding Robin lines he looks up Supergirls skirt and begins to talk about how hairy her crotch is.Batman then walks up to the table sits down and says hi to Lois.Batman then picks up his cell phone and calls Superman, not knowing what Lois told Robin.Batman then walks away and Lois Lane comes to the table.As Lois introduces herself Robin goes on to say that they have met several times but Lois doesn't remember him.When Robin goes back to the table he finds out that Batman and Lois now have a date and that Lois thinks that Robin is gay because of the costume he wears.Robin tries to explain that Batman makes him wear that costume but no one listens.

Plot While Robin is on a speed date Batman walks up and sits at the table with him and his date and said thathe has a meeting with his parol officer.Publishers, there's nothing you need to do if you want to attend speed dating except show up -- there's no fee and no registration whatsoever.You do not even need to create an account here to browse our sell sheet archive.Supergirl then says that she can hear and see Batman and leaves in anger.Batman then spots the Penguin and he and Robin go to stop him from detonating the bomb.

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