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How to figure him out men dating

What I mean by his wrath is by him cutting you off completely. There are times where a Taurus man will seemingly be ignoring you when in fact; he’s actually just very busy and hasn’t had the time to text or call you.It’s the ultimate kiss off and Taurus men are good at it. This is one of his many dirty little secrets, and now I’m giving you access to 30 Dirty Little Secrets About Your Taurus Man, so you can grab your FREE copy here.

That way he’s secure in knowing that he doesn’t have a girl that will play games with his heart.

It’ll help you a lot to truly figure him out better and stop guessing, but actually KNOW for a fact what’s going on in his stubborn mind.

If you’re one that needs constant attention; you need to realize Taurus men are serious about their work. If you panic, he will see this as clingy behavior and that is a total turn off for him.

He’ll later on use this in arguments or he’ll use it as a list of reasons he’s leaving you.

Being busy is not uncommon for a Taurus as he has interests and he works very hard.

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