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Hudson valley sex chat room

The room was heavily in favor of ending prohibition, so it wasn’t a perfect analogy for the crowded field of cannabis reform, but the symbolism was unmissable.I talked to more than 20 people on all sides of the issue for this article and came away both more convinced that cannabis reform will happen in New York one day and clearer on why it hasn’t yet.

I believe that New York State can have the best marijuana legalization in the country.” This year, Illinois became the 11th state, plus Washington, DC, to legalize recreational cannabis use since Colorado and Washington broke the seal in 2012.A few weeks before the close of session, two dozen people packed into a slim gallery space in Midtown Kingston, for a “cannabis chat” led by Andi Novick, cofounder of the New York Small Farm Alliance of Cannabis Growers and Supporters.The gathered throng displayed a wide range in familiarity levels with the plant and the legislation, and competing passions and prerogatives.Acreage, one of the biggest cannabis companies in the country, runs operations in 22 states as an investment vehicle and parent company, and recently opened a medical dispensary in Middletown.In fact, the majority of Acreage’s licenses are for medical marijuana.

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Legalization also legitimized black-market jobs and created new ones, and sales and tax revenues exceeded initial estimates in each state, once consumers and regulators adjusted to new systems. And the Hudson Valley, in particular, stands to benefit, says Michael Amoroso, executive director of the Hudson Valley chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.