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International dating sites in the world

And while it's inevitable that your heart may be exposed while pursuing a serious relationship, there's something you should never leave vulnerable: your wallet.A lot of people take their international search to the world wide web, and unfortunately they wind up on the wrong site and pay dearly for it (in terms of money and heartache). In this post we look at our top three picks for the best international dating sites.They also each publish articles on how to avoid and detect fraudulent behavior.The Philippines is probably the most popular destination for western men looking for a serious relationship overseas.Unfortunately scammers and spammers are staples of the online dating scene (whether you're using an international site or a local dating site).A good dating site will take an active stance against scammers.

More often than not these sites follow the PPL model and charge you stiff fees to communicate with the ladies from their profiles.

There's a certain camaraderie that occurs when people share their successes and failures.

It's also great when sites put out practical information about dating, travel, and culture.

These sites give you the expensive option of texting, video chatting, or the typical letter writing.

However these sites do not allow you to exchange personal contact info with any of the women on their site.

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These sites made the cut because of their upfront honesty, their commitment to their users' experience, and because they go above and beyond to help inform and educate their users on how to navigate the waters of international dating.

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