Intimidating girlfriend meme

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Intimidating girlfriend meme

We don't happen to have a boyfriend right now, but who cares?! We might wonder if having a full life and being independent intimidates guys.This might be something that is particularly on our minds if we go on date after date and don't seem to be getting anywhere.And we know that we're pretty awesome, so it can't be us.Well, as this guy's Reddit post tells us, some guys wonder if we're too busy or have too much going on to be able to really date them.Guys have a reputation for not wanting to talk about feelings and we might wonder if they find that totally intimidating.As this guy said on Reddit, falling for a girl and having true feelings for her is intimidating.We all spend so much time wondering about whether we're doing the right thing in a dating situation or are even the kind of girl that someone wants to date, but what do guys really think about all of this?Thankfully for us, we've got tons of Reddit forums that teach us what real men are actually thinking, and it couldn't be more helpful.

Some guys just seem to be afraid of being someone's boyfriend.

Do guys find women who want commitment intimidating?

We would hate for the answer to be yes because that's just plain depressing, but according to this guy's Reddit post, that seems to be the case for at least him.

Being single doesn't mean that we have boring lives and nothing to do. Maybe we do enjoy hanging out at home a lot and watching TV or movies, but we have friendships that we keep up, we have families, and we have careers.

We also have hobbies and interests and are cool, interesting people.

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"When a woman really has her [stuff] together it intimidates me and makes me feel like she would not want a relationship with me because I feel I do not have my [stuff] together in comparison." As this guy shared on Reddit, some guys get insecure about dating a girl who seems to be doing better in life than they are.