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Once our feelings are expressed and shared, the deepest part of us becomes vulnerable to another.

Without the commitment and resultant security of marriage, our hearts can easily be crushed.

Third, romantic intimacy should not be experienced without the commitment of marriage to go with it.

Romantic and physical intimacy is to be expressed only in marriage between a husband and wife.

She evaluates a field and buys it; she plants a vineyard with her earnings.

They drive their relationship by their mutual care and concern for each other rather than their romantic feelings for each other.

It allows you the time and opportunity to develop the kind of love that God desires in marriage if that is where the relationship leads.

Romantic desire and attraction is the feeling and desire one has when he or she is attracted to someone of the opposite sex.

Romantic intimacy is when those desires are expressed and shared with someone else with the same desires through dating experiences that develop a romantic closeness usually with some physical intimacy expressed.

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The first is that God desires for you to experience friendships with others before marriage.

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  1. When I was dating multiple women at once, they had to fit into my lifestyle or they didn’t get to be with me. When I did have time to “hang out” with one of my girls, I’d just get her to come over to my place and then take it from there.