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This new movement, and it is a movement, combines age-old racist and sexist rhetoric with bleeding-edge meme culture and technology.

It unites two equally irrepressible camps behind an ironclad belief in the duty to say hideous things: the threatened white men of the internet and the "I have no soul" lulzsters.

A legion of horribles chasing Ellen Pao from Reddit for trying to make it marginally less hateful.

A shock tactics internet comedy troupe threatening the life of a female game developer for lulz. This racist, reactionary, offense-embracing, meme-savvy internet is not simply a disparate collection of ravings from immature and bitter young men with too much time on their hands.

Still, for the media platforms through which most of us experience the internet, this kind of speech is bad for business (and shocks the conscience, goes against what we believe in as a society, etc.) whether it is sincere or not.

So you end up with a group of people (mostly white, male, young) aligned with dominant interests who feel that their perspective has no place in the increasingly dominant new media, which bills itself as participatory and inclusive.

Boyega is a black actor with a lead role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

By all accounts, he turns in a charming and sympathetic performance as Finn, a Stormtrooper with a conscience.

The infamous, anonymous image boards are nerd culture sanctum sanctorum, places with dauntingly high cultural literacy in science fiction, fantasy, and Japanese animation.So, for example, take the meme-comics starring Le American Bear, the Finnish meme of an obese and easily led American idiot, manipulated by Jews and the media, that has been adopted by the white supremacist internet as a symbol of “blue-pill” white Americans.The Chanterculture, after all, comes in part from the most intensely ironic places on the internet.Rather it is a flourishing protest culture, indeed a coherent counterculture, created in response to the growing ethnic and gender diversity of contemporary media and pop culture and to the incursion of identity groups into previously homogenous digital spaces.Chanterculture thrives on poorly governed image boards and hard-to-find Blogger sites and free-for-all chat apps.

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